A Natural Eye: The Sculptural Works of Casey Parlette takes a journey through 57 wildlife sculptures made from wood, metal and stone. The artist’s stories of time spent exploring tide pools and the open ocean, living in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, commercial diving, lifeguarding and more carry through the book, setting a captivating scene on which each sculpture came to be and its inspiring origins. 

From a bronze octopus that found its home in an oceanfront residence to a public art installation created to spread awareness about shark conservation, the pages of this book contain moving sculptures that capture the amazing life and likeness of each wildlife species. 

Casey’s work bears a striking resemblance to the movement and essence of his subject matter, reflecting a lifetime spent observing these creatures in their natural habitats. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind sculpture that culminates in his unique process of wood carving, stone carving, blacksmithing and metal fabrication.