Our Story

Sculptor and designer Casey Parlette has always appreciated the art of exploration. Perhaps one of his most illustrious adventures happened during a year of living in the Amazon when he came across a previously unknown colorful little fish that was eventually named rivulus parlettei. 

Parlettei Jewelry was named after this colorful little fish. It reflects the art of discovery and the essence of nature. Each design resonates with the natural world and is enduring enough to accompany you on your next adventure.

In an effort to make a piece of wearable art that had life and personality, titanium turned out to be a compelling medium.  After exploring this metal’s unique properties; shaping, hammering and heating turned a piece of titanium into an iridescent shell.  This eventually grew into a myriad of different designs and colors.  Each new design continued to hold a feeling of discovery as well as reflect an appreciation for the ocean, mountains, and natural world surrounding us.